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How working with Product Matters helped our clients get results.

Success Stories

David Sturzenegger

David Sturzenegger, CPO Decentriq

“Product Matters has crucially influenced how we live product at Decentriq. They support our team with leadership coaching and role-specific mentoring. Elias translates his big-tech product experience into our startup environment which has been both impactful and fun to me personally.“

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More Success Stories

Raquel Sainz, Director Spotify

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“Product Matters’ help was critical in our transformation from an output driven organization to outcome driven. Their expertise in product leadership and deep experience in successful tech companies was key to understanding our context quickly and implementing best practices effectively.”

Alex Charles, Chief Product Officer 1&1 Mail and Media

“Collaborating with Elias from Product Matters was a significant catalyst for levelling up product-centric strategy at 1&1 Mail and Media. Their insightful assessment and targeted leadership coaching cultivated strong relationships with our CEO and key stakeholders, helping us become a stronger tech and product organization. I highly recommend Elias to any organization aiming to move to the product model. It’s refreshing and unique in my experience to find consultants with such recent and relevant experience on the front line in leading tech & product companies.”

Matthias Strodtkötter, Head of Product 20 Minuten

“Talking to Elias feels like sparring with a more experienced version of myself. I bring him my headaches, and he provides pragmatic guidance. The hands-on approach is invaluable. It’s like having a coach on the sidelines while I play on the pitch. Totally feels like using a cheat code.”

Lukasz Biedrycki, VP Engineering Glassnode

“Elias is a fantastic coach! He is approachable and insightful, offering fresh perspectives on challenges that surprised me for the better. Coaching, especially for leaders, is invaluable – having someone to bounce ideas off of makes a huge difference. Plus, you learn a ton! Highly recommended.”

Agathe Brusset, Chief Product Officer

“Elias has proven to be extremely helpful in just a short time, allowing me to be more focused on things that matter while being easy to talk to, available and insightful, he was (and still is) a tremendous help during my first few weeks as a first-time CPO.”

Eduardo Abreau, Prodcut Manager


“Being coached by Product Matters is a privilege. Their openness and support make it valuable regardless of your company stage or experience level. Each session expands your mind a bit more, boosting confidence and validating thoughts in decision making.”

Philipp Keller, Lead Product Manager

“The way Elias presents is top of the class. He uses a good mix between theory and concrete example, so the topic is both thought provoking and lively at the same time.”

Arben Zibrj, Product Manager Data Science

“Ivan is a great person, easy to talk to, and provides practical valuable feedback, not just theoretical ‘cliche’ answers. He follows up on open questions from last sessions and brings his researched answers to the practical matter at hand.”

Emin Filip, Senior Product Manage

“Elias is a very friendly and knowledgeable host. His product management advice is lived, not dogmatic and it shows. He backs everything he says and all the advice he gives with relevant personal experience. He understands the extreme diversity of situations in product management and why you can’t simply apply frameworks in every way. He can guide any person or team through the complexities in a down-to-earth and effective way.”

Liz Immer, Head of Product – Acceleration & Strategy

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“Katie and the Product Matters team have helped me find my footing in a new, unconventional role, evolve it to be invaluable to the organization and meaningful to me, and develop the confidence I needed in order to feel good navigating through choppy seas. In an extremely fast moving and not traditionally structured organization like ours, this support has been a key reason for my – and my team’s – strong mental health, performance and satisfaction at work.”

Andreas Eklundh Pejler, Product Manager

“Florians coaching made a huge difference to my work, ranging from value proposition design to product optimisation at scale. He helped me think about how to solve problems in different ways and enabled me to drive impact with my squad each week – I would highly recommend working with him.”

George Mills, Senior Product Manager

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“Florians coaching made a huge difference to my work, ranging from value proposition design to product optimisation at scale. He helped me think about how to solve problems in different ways and enabled me to drive impact with my squad each week – I would highly recommend working with him.”

Jakob Marti, Head of User Research

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“I’ve been a User Experience Manager for over a decade and was lucky to learn so much more from my conversations with Katie.Her personal style, paired with her incredible experience in leadership positions, has enabled her to give good advice – and to listen – on a range of topics such as team management, burnout, skill maturity levels in the team, organisational development and change management, and evolving the perspective on how to include the voice of the user in our strategy and day-to-day practice.”

Lewis Allison, Product Manager

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“Mike has been a wonderful coach, providing deep technical expertise and also a broad overview of the industry, its trends and his point of view. He has an amazing ability to see through challenges whilst also providing value lessons for personal growth. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who wants to develop their career in product.”

Tobias Kuhn, Senior Product Manager

“No matter what seniority level you are as a PM: Knowing you have a trusted, external sparring partner to challenge and discuss your approaches, conclusions or interpersonal conflicts with is invaluable. Coaching with Product Matters provides just the right environment for that.”

Florian Trabert, Head of Product

“Florian and his team are very experienced and hands-on product leaders that support us on any topic that is relevant for us. They use strong examples from their previous leadership roles, while always staying pragmatic about what might work for us as a smaller company. Their support has enabled us to restructure our team efficiently, give more empowerment to the engineers, product managers and the whole team and also helped us hire better people.”

Robin Guldener, CPO & Co-Founder

“Bringing in his vast experience, Elias’s help and advice has proven extremely valuable in building our product organization. He is coaching our PMs and leading workshops to find the focus and vision. All workshops got stellar reviews and we are looking forward to continue working with Elias.”

Lukas Bänninger, Product Director

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“Product Matters are very experienced product leaders and in addition to the single point of contact throughout, I appreciated their pragmatic and personalised approach to addressing our individual needs.Their support has enabled us to transform our product and engineering set-up and I can highly recommend working with them.”

Götz Götting, Head of Product Cense

“Thanks to Elias advice I now have my product strategy where it belongs: in peoples heads! From the CEO to every engineer, everyone is aligned on what we want to do and research when – and perhaps even more importantly: what we do NOT want to do.”

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